Once more the benefits:

Maintenance and/or recovery of physical and mental health

Training of our physical, mental, psychological and emotional bodies

Opening of blocked  energy  conduits ( nadis )

Opening of the energy centers

Access to and development of our true potentials.

All of this is our part of The Integral Yoga.



Dissolution of blockages with the help of physical, energetic and psychological techniques.
Check the appendix!

increase of the flow of subtle energy (Shakti), that is manifesting in the different aspects  of our existence and personality, changing them accordingly.

New development of ourselves, of our environment  and of the world we are living in.



Our Yoga is based on the revelations, experiences and practices of the traditional Indian Yoga systems like Hatha (Kundalini) Yoga, Karma,- and Jnyana,- and Tantra Yoga, - as much as on those of the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo, and on the Yoga system of Sri Shivananda. We are including  also elements of the ancient technique of Kalari Payattu, a form of dynamic Yoga developed in Kerala/ India.



The training sessions are individually designed, taking into consideration the particular  requirements and  needs  of the participants. We are offering  individual training, as much as training sessions in groups.

 Accordingly the duration and the costs of the training will be adjusted.





The training will be conducted at , our center in Brasil, at our farm, near Atibaia and Jarinu, in the hilly area of the state of Sao Paulo.

We also offer our services in India, Germany, and in the United States.



Course and training fees

The quoted rates do not include the costs for boarding and lodging.

Shakti-Yoga or CM- introduction training
This Yoga and training is based on the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo, comprising Hatha-Yoga, Jnhana-Yoga, Tantra and Kundalini, and Karma Yoga.

CM= consciousness management)

Rates are quoted per person, in US dollars.

We are offering:


course fees

A complimentary introduction training

3 hours


First level training course

2 days

US$ 150,-

Second level training course

7 days

US$ 399,-


We are offering concessional rates for couples, families and groups!!!

Costs for boarding and lodging at the guesthouse

We are offering our Yoga courses and training in a phantastic environment, with horse back riding, waterfalls,  mystic full moon nights, and many other surprises, in the hilly areas of the state of Sao Paulo, within the deep forests of Mata Atlantica.

Our guest house offers concessional rates for Brazilian residents, for couples, for families and groups, and people who want to stay longer.

The prices include all kind of services, (minimum three delicious meals , with any number of fruits from our organic farm, tea, coffea etc. etc.)

For further information on the costs for bording and lodging please contact us directly.


You are welcome to enjoy!