Introduction of our new Yoga  center:

All life is Yoga.
(Sri Aurobindo)

With deep gratitude we could set up, and are developing our new center for Yoga, Avatar® training, Healing, and consciousness development in Brazil, Sao Paulo State.

We also offer our programs in India, and in Germany, and in the United States.

Our courses and training in Brazil, - and this is where we are finally living, - are taking place at our sitio, - near deep primary forests, everlasting, pure water springs with healing quality, large deep green pastures, and shadowy mystic topes,- but also in an area where grapes, strawberries, and lavender plantations are growing,

800 m above sea level, within the gentle hills of the semi-acidious Atlantic Rainforest, in between the megacity of Sao Paulo and Campinas, at a distance of 150 km only.

Yes, it is magic, and Matamba Sitio is a magic place.

At the farm (sitio) also many other related activities will be going on, for instance, the setting up of a healing center, of educational programs for agro afforestation, or the testing of new methods of sustainable organic agriculture, practiced as integral parts of human development, and preservation of nature, - as much as the production of natural medicines, and of environmental friendly cosmetic products.


The goal of all Yoga is union with the Divine (the highest consciousness), - with nature being its physical expression in matter.

The practice of the Yoga methods we are offering include techniques of relaxation, right body movement, right action and works, proper diet, dissolution of mental limitations and blockages, right ways of thinking and living, as much as concentration and meditation.


Maintenance and/or recovery of physical and mental health

Training of our physical, mental, psychological and emotional bodies

Opening of blocked  energy  conduits ( nadis )

Opening of the energy centers

Access to and development of our true potentials.

All of this is our part of The Integral Yoga.