A training in personal development and consciousness management.

AVATAR®  What does it mean?

For us it means:

Creative energy pervading the world.

This is:
A person living deliberately, connected to his/her true source

How to live deliberately and fulfil our dreams.

Perhaps you may ask:
“Dreams? To fulfil my dreams? To really enjoy life? And get what I really want? And if I can do all of this and create what I really wish? Are you serious?”

Perhaps you may answer:
“I want to experience happiness. I would like to develop myself deliberately within the flow and energy of evolution, feeling power and strength in and for my own life. I would like to conquer the universe, experience the unknown, become one with it. I want to enjoy and live happiness like the nectar of immortality, claiming it as my own.”

Or  maybe you answer:
“I would like to get rid of the limitations which obstruct my progress in my life. I want to be relaxed while facing even difficult circumstances.


I would like to reduce stress, stop putting myself down, improve my financial position, solve the problems in my partnership, stay healthy, become happy, etc., etc...

Or possibly you answer:
“I wish to reach fulfilment in my life. I want to grow inwardly and outwardly, experiencing success in what I have decided for. I want to enjoy the material universe, including all the treasures hidden in it, the fulfilment of my dreams on this earth, in this civilization of billions of other men like me, in this world of the market place. I wish to create new possibilities and worlds, wherever I may be.”

AVATAR® includes all this and much more:


It is creative energy pervading the world, changing it, wherever and in whatever way we really wish to.

AVATAR® means:
A human being who stops fighting against himself, who discovers the incredible power within, accepts it and opens towards it, and changes him/herself, and the world.

AVATAR® course helps train oneself while travelling through the layers of one’s own consciousness in order to open them to the deep source of awareness within. Discovering and recognizing the ways our own mental patterns create the realities we are experiencing - will profoundly change the views we have of ourselves and the world.

AVATAR® means training ourselves to become more aware, while at the same time dissolving our limitations. Step by step, we discover ourselves in order to fully access our own strength and power. An undreamt of development of creativity and intuition, of self-confidence and happiness is the natural consequence. We recognize that we are allowed to and destined to deeply love this universe with all its wonders. We learn to appreciate it as perfect, with the deepest gratitude and as the most incredible gift we could ever imagine. We will eventually develop ourselves and the world around us in ways which correspond to our inner wishes and our life task.

We aim to improve the quality of our own life, and of other peoples’ inner and outer lives at the individual and collective levels. Our purpose is to help people realize their potential according to the original energetic blueprints stored deeply within each one of us.

The training we offer consists of a harmonious combination of modern psychological/ energetic tools and techniques based on knowledge from ancient Vedic times.