–  a plantation for medicinal plants for bees and Center, combined with Yoga. (planned in Sao Paulo State –Brazil)

What do we really know about the birds and the bees?
Or: 12 good reasons
       for our project .
Or: The significance of

Our  gratitude and admiration to all people, organisations, and institutions, whose lofty and formidable visions, generosity and devotion to nature and humanity, and whose steady, unfailing perseverance against all odds in this wonderful world make this important project possible!

is a method of healing humans by using the products that honey bees all over the world are producing and/or processing. This healing method practically is known since humanity exists, and was and is practiced in most cultures, modern and ancient, where honey bees are and were known, loved and appreciated, and revered as precious and most important helpers of nature and humanity.

At the same time they also guarantee much of our food supply by their function of pollinating the flowers of plants and trees. The edible products of the bees are an ideal food for anybody, but moreover can serve as well as potent medicines for healing  and prevention of illness, and can also help maintain a high standard of physical and mental health for all human beings.

is as old as mankind, but also recently it received its long due scientifically and organisational recognized appreciation and support in an international set-up and network. (www.apitherapy.com)

Nowadays bee products are in fast growing demand for all people who need to  be healed, who are interested in Yoga and in alternative ways of living, in preservation of nature and environmental protection, and development of human consciousness.


12 good reasons why this project is so important and significant:

Did you know, for instance, that

Bee honey and bee pollen are being used as medicines in many countries against obesia and anorexia, against cancer and caries, against asthma and various diseases of the lungs, the breathing system in general, the heart, the nerves, the skin, the eyes and against rheumatic illnesses, -  that honey and pollen strenghten effectively the immune system and the sexual vitality?

Did you know that

bee pollen in addition to all of this, serves as an ideal remedy against illnesses of the liver, the stomach, the ciculatory system, diabetis, against a lack of vitamins, minerals and enzymes, that it helps against allergies, against disorders of the prostata, the sexual organs and the menstruation cycle?

That bee pollen contains almost all possible forms of proteins in an amount which is twice as much higher than that of meat, and this with hardly any fat content, thus being the best possible source of protein for humans?

Did you know that

bee propolis serves amongst other benefits also as a wonderful medicine against all kinds of diseases of the breathing  system, of the the skin, - that it helps against cancer, and protects even against viruses, and is used against all of this by beekeepers since ages?

Did you know that

(another product of the bees, discovered only recently)
contains almost all the incredible beneficial healing effects of the magical Royal jelly, and also strenghtens the male potency?

Did you know,

That there are nowadays even the first multinational companies existing in the market,
dealing with bee products, trying to register legal rights on these products?

Did you know

That many of the flowers of plants, shrubs and trees, that are famous in phytotherapy and Ayurveda for their inherent healing qualities, are an excellent source for the supply of nectar, pollen and propolis for honey bees,- and that these products processed by the bees are much superior in their healing qualities to any other medicines ( without any side effects) ?

Did you know that

Royal Jelly is one of the most important substances with magic qualities for restoration of youth, and one of the most important medicines for prevention and healing of diseases ever known and used by humanity?

Did you know,

That bee poison
can be beneficial, heal rheumatism, sprains, skin diseases, help against asthma, all kind of body pains, and even reduce fever?

Did you know that

Many plants, trees forests and whole landscapes exist since millions of years and are alive only because of the pollination bees and other insects?

Did you know,

that in the U.S. 50% till 60%, in France and in other countries about 40% of all bee hives have recently perished, due to the reckless use of dangerous chemicals and due to the environmental pollution by modern society?

that humanity is thus heading to one more of the worst imaginable disasters, unless we stop our destructive behaviour immediately?

Did you know that

there are many research and case records, conducted by medical doctors, scientiests and bee keepers all over the world for a period of many years - confirming all of this?

Are you aware

That our human food production, and agriculture, our sweet water resources, our resources for originating oxygen ( the forests of this world!) -
(YES -  OUR OWN VERY PHYSICAL SURVIVAL! )-  depend to a large extent on the wonderful work of bees and other insects?

With love and appreciation from: